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CENTRIFY named a LEADER again! 

in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management

Zero Trust Based Privileged Access Management powered by Centrify

   Centrify secures businesses against data breach through its Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions that employ a cloud-based, Zero Trust Privilege approach. From access of privilege user accounts and verification to authentication and monitoring, Centrify lets users work with other software or hardware PAM solutions without having to purchase a base license. This exceptional service helps organizations prevent majority of hacking-related data breaches that stem from privileged access credentials. 


 With the growing threat of cyberattacks, Zero Trust Privilege Services address a distinct way to manage and control privileged access management (PAM). The service allows users to minimize the attack surface and control privileged access user accounts which works best even with any other privilege access management solutions outside Centrify.   



Privileged Access Service 

Grants access to privileged user accounts through a shared account, applications password, and secret vaults. Under this service users can secure remote and credential management and protect administrative access by jump box.

Authentication Service.png

Authentication Service 

Allows multi-directory brokering and active directory bridging. Also allows verification of identities and credentials of privileged access requests.  It uses Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) approach at system log-in.

Privilege Elevation Service.png

Privilege Elevation Service 

Minimizes the risk of breach in privileged elevation through multi-factor authentication and delegation of privileged, time-based role assignment and policy management.  

Audit and Monitoring Service.png

Audit & Monitoring Service  

Makes use of host-based session recording,  reporting, and auditing to monitor and control privilege access.

Privilege Threat Analytics Service.png

Privilege Threat Analytics Service

The use of the Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication along with user behavior analytics prevents a cyber security breach.

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