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Network Packet Broker

Network Packet Broker

At CyberSight Innovations, we understand that network visibility is critical for businesses to operate and thrive in today's digital age. That's why Keysight has designed Network Packet Broker with features that enable you to gain full visibility into your network traffic.

Zero Packet Loss Architecture

Keysight’s Network Packet Broker is built with dedicated hardware acceleration that ensures a zero-packet loss architecture. This means that your visibility infrastructure can deliver the 100% visibility that you need, without creating any blind spots that can interfere with network analytics or security.

Filtering Traffic

We provide filtering of traffic so that each monitoring or inline security tool receives exactly the right data. The dynamic filter compiler handles all filter rule complexities automatically, eliminating overlapping filter rule headaches.

SSL Decryption

The Network Packet Broker offers SSL decryption to quickly detect emerging threats encrypting exploits within application traffic.

Traffic Aggregation and Load Balancing

Keysight provides aggregation of traffic from multiple TAPs or SPAN ports and load balancing of traffic to multiple analysis tools. This ensures that you can monitor and analyze all your network traffic with ease.

L7 Application Awareness Our Network

Packet Broker has L7 application awareness that efficiently allows for packet processing based on unique applications. This helps in identifying potential network issues and threats.

Hardware Accelerated Performance Built-In

Network Packet Broker is built with FPGA-based hardware acceleration to ensure line rate performance and no dropped packets, even with features and filters turned on. This means that you can have peace of mind that your network visibility infrastructure will perform optimally, without any loss in packet data.

Feature Compatibility

The unique hardware architecture ensures that multiple features can run on the same packet broker at the same time, providing you with feature compatibility that is not available with our biggest competitor. You don't need to buy and manage more modules and daisy chain everything together, which can become costly and unscalable.

Ease of Use

Network Packet Broker comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop GUI that makes it easy to get the right traffic to the right tools. You can quickly and easily connect taps and SPANs, apply filters, deduplicate, decrypt, and forward traffic to the right tools. The patented dynamic filter compiler eliminates the complexity of overlapping filters, and our GUI helps speed up operations and eliminate errors.

Why Choose Network Packet Broker from Keysight?

CyPerf is built on 20+ years of leadership in network security testing to reveal your security exposure across public, private, and hybrid networks. The ongoing research of our Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) team ensures regular updates that provide access to the latest application and threat simulations. 

CyPerf offers a comprehensive statistics and reporting framework that provides concise performance metrics at the test, application, attack, and agent levels. The framework covers key performance and security indicators for the entire test, while also allowing users to drill down into traffic or attack profile statistics to explore performance or attack status per network segment/agent.  

For more granular visibility, application-specific statistics are available for individual applications or attacks, and per-action statistics provide the highest level of detail for debugging. Additionally, the framework features visually rich reports for a more intuitive understanding of test results. 

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