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Engage Expert Cybersecurity Services  

CyberSight provides security services ranging from advisory to solutions architecture to security tool deployment, enablement and maintenance support. Provided by certified engineers and experts in the field, we commit 100% quality service and customer satisfaction.



Basic Security Posture Review

Analyses where your organization is exposed to security threats and provides recommendations about how to address these risks. We will: ​

  • Assessment of existing security solution and processes. 

  • Review business continuity and disaster recovery processes to evaluate how an incident would impact your organization if other security precautions fail.

  • Provide an agnostic overview of essential security methods and measures that should be in your environment  

  • Give best practice recommendations to bring your security health up to par.  


Design & Build of Security Operation Center

Creating policies, standards, and processes for the SOC. The security operations center centralizes an organization’s IT security monitoring and incident response activities in a single location and is responsible for remediating both internal breaches and external cyber attacks.

We will assist you in:​

  • Assessing your critical data flow and creating a security architecture design. 

  • Choosing the necessary tools to build the entire SOC infrastructure. 

  • Training the personnel who will manage the SOC. 


Incident Response and Event Investigation Service

Investigate, contain and remediate critical security incidents with speed and efficiency. We take a comprehensive approach in preventing further harm and respond fast to minimize the impact a breach event has on your business. Providing a comprehensive in-depth report and recommendation about the incident. 

Incident Response Image FINAL.jpg

Technical Services

Deployment Final.jpg


  • Consultation, brainstorming and discussion prior the installation process to determine the best deployment approach for the customer environment. ​

  • Covers installation, configuration, and integration services for CyberSight  products into customers environment.  

  • Service will be conducted by certified product technical engineers. 

  • Service warranty is given, 15 days after the service completion acceptance.  

Maintenance Support FINAL.jpg


  • Pro-active service provided to ensure  the continued functionality of the product after the deployment. 

  • It includes the following services:

  1. Provision and installation of product updates and upgrades 

  2. Quarterly system check-up   

  3. Best Practices Configuration recommendations  

  4. Technical Support services  

  5. Service Unit provision for hardware appliance-based product  

  • Available in Two (2) Service Level Agreement options:     

  1.  8x5 Service Level Agreement 

  2.  12x7 Service Level Agreement  

Product FINAL.jpg


  • Administration  course training provided for product administration and management.​

  • Covers the installation, configuration, and basic trouble shooting of the product.   ​

  • Available in three (3) options based on the requirement of the customer:

  1. Half-Day Run-through Admin Demo

  2. Two-Day Administration Training  

  3. Five-Day Professional Training with Product Certification Exam

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