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Keysight CyPerf

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Distributed Cloud Network with CyPerf 

At CyberSight Innovations, we understand that operating a distributed cloud environment comes with its own unique set of challenges. That's why we offer Keysight’s CyPerf - the industry's leading solution for scalable network applications and security testing in these complex environments. With this cutting-edge software, you can ensure maximum performance and security while providing the best possible user experience. 

CyPerf Features 

Traffic agents 

  • Deploy software-based test agents that work on various infrastructures (VMs, containers, cloud instances, etc.). 

  • Scale agents dynamically during testing to ensure performance and security of dynamic environments. 

  • Generate authenticated and unauthenticated traffic and attacks to validate zero trust authentication policies. 

  • Test SSL VPN tunnels by emulating thousands of them and running traffic through them. 

  • Test IPsec Gateways and VPN-enabled network security solutions for performance and scalability. 

  • Test major proxy modes (reverse, transparent, and forward) with all applications and attack traffic. 

  • Use network mapping features to create complex topologies with tagged applications. 

  • Achieve high performance with minimal user intervention using proprietary test agent algorithm. 

  • CyPerf traffic agents can scale up to millions of concurrent connections. 

  • Simulate closed loop scenarios with resilient test agents to test device and network performance and security. 

CyPerf Controller

  • CyPerf controller is a cloud-native, microservices-based, elastically scalable application. 

  • It is deployed as a virtual machine and developed on top of a Kubernetes-based architecture. 

  • The web-based UI is modern, easy to use, and flexible for test configuration and running. 

  • Session-aware UI supports multi-user authentication for team collaboration. 

  • The REST API approach enables CyPerf integration in modern automation frameworks. 

CyPerf Features

Why Choose Keysight’s CyPerf? 

CyPerf is built on 20+ years of leadership in network security testing to reveal your security exposure across public, private, and hybrid networks. The ongoing research of our Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) team ensures regular updates that provide access to the latest application and threat simulations. 

CyPerf offers a comprehensive statistics and reporting framework that provides concise performance metrics at the test, application, attack, and agent levels. The framework covers key performance and security indicators for the entire test, while also allowing users to drill down into traffic or attack profile statistics to explore performance or attack status per network segment/agent.  

For more granular visibility, application-specific statistics are available for individual applications or attacks, and per-action statistics provide the highest level of detail for debugging. Additionally, the framework features visually rich reports for a more intuitive understanding of test results. 

​Why Choose CyPerf?

CyPerf - The Ultimate Scalable Testing Solution 

If you're looking for a reliable and scalable network application and security testing solution for your distributed cloud environment, look no further than Keysight CyPerf. Contact us today to learn more about our solution and how we can help you optimize your network for maximum performance, security, and user experience.

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