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Developing Innovative

Eliminating threat is not the aim… 

Our goal is to help organizations REDUCE SECURITY RISKS and its impact by providing innovative cybersecurity solutions though our credible partners. 

CyberSight aims to offer a holistic approach to cybersecurity solution that will incorporate: 



We follow and incorporate industry standards, guidelines and best practices in building our portfolio and providing services. ​



To be able to support our clients, we provide standard and premium technical services. We make sure that every technical support specialist is certified in every technology that we offer.​



We offer innovative and niche technologies and controls that will help identify, protect, detect, respond and recover security risks.​



At CyberSight, we advocate sharing of security awareness to the everybody since we believe that security is a shared responsibility.​

Become a CyberSight Partner

Expand your portfolio

Offer innovative and proven local and foreign security solutions curated for the Philippine market

Get high-margin opportunities

Sell complete solution packages – from products to services to technical support.

Increase your sales pipeline

Receive quality leads and opportunities from our pool of Orbit Sales Agents.

Our Technology Partners

Marble Surface

As we’ve come to realize, the idea that security starts and ends with the purchase of a prepackaged firewall is simply misguided.” – Art Wittmann

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