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Keysight Technologies


Connect and Secure your Network with Keysight 

To succeed in digital transformation, you need to have comprehensive insights into your network. Keysight, as the first company of HP, offers tools that allow you to stress test your infrastructure with simulated traffic, validate your security through breach and attack simulation, and gain visibility into every packet. Keysight solutions ensure that your networks are safe, reliable, and responsive, empowering you to achieve your digital transformation goals with confidence. 

Enterprises, service providers, government agencies, financial institutions, and networking vendors worldwide trust Keysight to help build and manage their networks, including:


top global exchanges


of the Fortune 100


federal organization


financial markets


top networking vendors


top service providers


DoD services


top banks
Kesight's Mission

Ensure High-Performing Networks and Applications 

Optimize your network's performance and compliance with Keysight's solutions for demanding architectures. Test your network in hybrid environments and save costs by catching bugs before deployment. 

Understand What's Happening on Your Live Network 

Your production network is crucial. You need to innovate, meet service level agreements, and ensure security. Keysight provides network visibility solutions to monitor and respond to issues, connecting and securing your network. 

Test Your Network Security by Hacking Yourself 

Safely simulate attacks on your production network to measure risk, identify gaps, and course-correct with step-by-step remediations. Keysight's network security solutions help continuously validate your defences, reduce attack surfaces, and improve your safety. 

Deliver the Best Possible User Experience 

To ensure the best possible user experience, proactive performance monitoring is crucial. Keysight offers solutions that continuously test, validate, and monitor quality of service for a range of applications with varying degrees of latency and loss sensitivity. This helps minimize downtime and identifies connectivity issues or performance problems before subscribers experience them.

performance monitoring.png

Keysight Products


Keysight Threat Simulator is a Breach and Attack Simulation platform that safely creates the entire kill chain; phishing, user behavior, malware transmission, Command & Control, infection, and lateral movement.  

BreakingPoint recreates every aspect of a realistic network including scale and content to validate the security posture of your network. 

Keysight CyPerf is a scalable zero-trust test solution for cloud environments that recreates realistic workloads and provides insights into user experience, security, and performance. 

Hawkeye, Keysight’s active network monitoring platform, helps you prevent service outages and downtime. Rather than reacting to live user problems, Hawkeye proactively probes for performance issues by sending simulated traffic to hardware- and software-based endpoints across your network. 

Train cyber warriors to fight threats in a real-world environment. Dynamic, hands-on practice keeps security pros ready to respond no matter what cybercriminals throw at them.

Built with a system architecture that enables line-rate performance with no dropped traffic or packet loss.

Keysight’s Solutions


Threat Simulator: Breach and Attack Simulation
With this powerful tool, you can simulate potential breaches, and continuously test your security posture to ensure you're always one step ahead of the game. Check out this datasheet to discover more about how this cutting-edge technology can safeguard your company.
Active Network Monitoring Platform
Hawkeye simulates live network traffic and provides hop-by-hop visualization for faster troubleshooting. It monitors distributed networks from core to edge, ensuring optimal user experience. Check out this data sheet for more information on Hawkeye's features and benefits.
Keysight Cyber Range 
The Keysight cyber range is a fully controlled and protected environment that allows security professionals to gain hands-on experience dealing with cyber threats and test their organization's security posture. Check the datasheet to learn more about Cyber Range’s solutions. 
Real-World Testing Made Easy With Cyperf
Discover how CyPerf can help your organization meet its security needs in today's distributed cloud environment. Check this data sheet for a comprehensive overview of the platform's features, security architectures supported, and performance metrics. 
Network Packet Broker
Optimize your network security and monitoring tools with Network Packet Broker (NPB). It provides access to critical network data by acting as a broker between taps and SPAN ports. This ensures that your analysis tools receive only the data they need, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy. Check out this brochure to learn more. 
Get Network Visibility 
In today's connected world, network visibility is crucial for optimal performance and security. Watch this video to learn how to achieve complete visibility and secure your network. Don't wait - visit us now! 
Hack Yourself with Breach and Attack Simulation
Protect your network from real-world cyber-attacks by simulating breaches and attacks. With the Threat Simulator, you can identify vulnerabilities in your defenses, take proactive measures, and stay ahead of hackers. Watch this video to learn more! 
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